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Domain Management

You need and require a domain name to get yourself identified on the internet. Without a domain name you cannot have a website which is very important for a digital presence. Domain name is like your house number that tells people where you live. Domain name is your identity on the internet. It is important to have one that shows who you are which drives traffic and customers directly to your website.

We can help you in finding and registering one that defines you, your creativity and your business. Get your own domain name that is affordable along with all relevant services.

Protection and privacy that we provide along with your domain name provides safety from hackers, hijackers and data miners so that you remain the BOSS of your domain.

Hosting Management

We can be a welcoming host to your website as well as for your files, images, videos and many other data contents at an affordable cost.

We provide three types of hosting to choose from to suit your needs and requirements.

Shared Web Hosting

In this type of hosting, there are number of websites hosted or housed on the same server. Go for this one if you have a less requirement and low budget, as the cost of the server is shared by number of website owners. So if you own a small business with minimal requirements and with arid budget, you can go with shared web hosting to give a jump start to your business or talent.

Dedicated Web Hosting

As the name suggests here the entire server is reserved or leased out to you. If you have a bigger business then you surely need a dedicated space for yourself so that there are no hindrance on your path due to the presence of others. Server resources will be typically and dedicatedly available for your business. Enhanced performance and security is the other reason along with flexibility is what you need for the dimensional growth of your business, is provided by dedicated web hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

So your requirements are little more than the shared web hosting but less than dedicated web hosting then go for VPS hosting. Here you will get flexibility of dedicated web hosting but and they are less expensive than dedicated web hosting. The best part is that it can be customized according to your needs.

We provide tailored options for our clients who are looking for state of the art technology along with 24X7 security. We deeply understand their need of high performing hardware for our client’s mission critical applications.

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